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Prokraft bottle stopper turning system turning a bottle stopper

Turning System
Turning bottle stoppers is a popular and rewarding passtime and can also be profitable.

Having used the commonly available kits currently on the market we saw the opportunity to improve on these and have developed our own unique system.

Why? - well when you turn wood what you want is to enjoy the process and concentrate on your creativity without having it interrupted by the mundane connecting / screwing part of the job. What you really don't want is to be battling with screwing things in and out, struggling to hold them, damaging the threads and potentially wasting your stopper.

With the PROKRAFT system you can prepare your blanks in advance with the wood insert, connect the mandrel to a standard 3 or 4 jaw chuck in seconds and you are away!

Because the kit is machined at both ends you can mount, remove and re-mount quickly with very little if any movement of the workpiece.

When removed you can carve or embellish your piece and quickly re-mount for final finishing.

The mandrel is designed as a thin mandrel enabling the workpiece to be turned to a narrower dimension whilst also keeping metal parts well away from your tools, the locking nut enables movement of the workpiece up and down the mandrel allowing you to pay attention to the underside of the work if required.

There are no special tools required, simply a 10/11mm drill bit and an 8mm hex key.

Once the piece is turned and finished it can be connected to the stopper by hand with no tools required which means you can keep the shiny/silicone parts away from the workshop in a dust-free environment

Should you have any problems with the workpiece (cracks, dig-ins etc) all parts of the PROKRAFT system can be removed and re-used, there is little chance of any damage to the parts - no damaged threads, no wasted kits!

Watch our video on YouTube:  Here

Click Here to download instructions.

Prokraft Bottle Stopper System
Please note the 3 ring stopper shown in the video
has been replaced with PKR BSKP premium stopper,
the process and fitting are identical.
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