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Ordering from Prokraft

Ordering from Prokraft

You may have noticed already that the Prokraft website is slightly different to others you may have visited, this is because we have designed it to remove all the niggly little things that make other sites so annoying.

You do not need to register with us to place an order, no usernames or passwords required
yes we still need to know who and where you are to send your order and to let you know it's on its way but that's all.

No unwanted marketing Emails
There is only 1 reason for companies to get you to register - so they can continually send you online marketing - we simply don't do it! We rarely do sales or special offers we offer a great value everyday price on all our items and offer quantity discounts where we can.

You don't need to put lots of items in your basket and register before finding out how much it will be to ship it
we have flat rate postage options that are clear and straightforward as well as being great value they are detailed on the next page.

What size is it? does it have screws with it? How many are there in a pack?
We do our very best to provide detailed dimensions and pack quantities for all our products, most of them are pictured, we also do our best to make it clear whether the items have screws or fittings included (most of them do). If we have omitted a measurement that you need please just drop us a line and ask.

I've received an email before I have paid
You may find that once you have clicked the button to purchase your order you receive an email immediately, don't panic, this is because we have 2 ways to get you to Paypal, you can click the "pay now" button after placing your order or you will also find a Paypal button on your email, so if you want to think about your order first thats fine, it will be in your email inbox and you can click the button from there. Rest assured you cannot pay twice for the same order and remember you do not need a Paypal account to complete your purchase you can pay using your debit or credit card via this secure method.
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