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Latest Products
Saturn Bolt Action Customisable Pen Kit

Saturn Bolt Action Customisable Pen Kit£8.25

English Oak Pen Blanks

English Oak Pen Blanks£1.85

English Oak Spindle blanks

English Oak Spindle blanks£8.95

English Oak Stopper Blanks

English Oak Stopper Blanks£2.95

English Yew Pen Blanks

English Yew Pen Blanks£2.65

English Yew Stopper Blanks

English Yew Stopper Blanks£3.65

English Yew Burr Pen blanks

English Yew Burr Pen blanks£4.75

Mini Crank Top Mill - Chrome

Mini Crank Top Mill - Chrome£6.25

Reduced Shank Drill 17mm

Reduced Shank Drill 17mm£7.75

Saturn Pen Bushing Set

Saturn Pen Bushing Set£3.35

Saturn Pen Spare Brass Tube

Saturn Pen Spare Brass Tube£0.55

Budget Cutlery Set Kit (3 part)

Budget Cutlery Set Kit (3 part)£3.25

Long handled spoon set kits (3 pieces)

Long handled spoon set kits (3 pieces)£2.99

Foil Acrylic blanks

Foil Acrylic blanksFrom:  £3.50

Hexa™ Premium Rollerball Pen Kit

Hexa™ Premium Rollerball Pen Kit£8.50

Premium Vanity Mirror Kit

Premium Vanity Mirror Kit£4.95

Solid Brass Box Escutcheons

Solid Brass Box EscutcheonsFrom:  £3.65

Coffee Tamper / Paperweight Kits

Coffee Tamper / Paperweight KitsFrom:  £8.65