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Latest Products
Salt & Pepper Grinder Kit Set (Ceramic burr)

Salt & Pepper Grinder Kit Set (Ceramic burr)£6.95

Schmidt Softline G2 refill

Schmidt Softline G2 refill£0.95

MT2 B22 Arbour fully hardened steel

MT2 B22 Arbour fully hardened steel£6.50   £4.50

3-Piece tapping set

3-Piece tapping set£7.50

Ink Cartridge - premium

Ink Cartridge - premium£1.55

Rollester Special Edition

Rollester Special Edition£6.65   £6.00

Schmidt Easyflow 9000

Schmidt Easyflow 9000£1.60

Schmidt P900 ballpoint refill

Schmidt P900 ballpoint refill£0.90

Salt & Pepper Etched Knobs

Salt & Pepper Etched Knobs£1.99

Stainless Steel Bottle opener kit

Stainless Steel Bottle opener kit£6.99

Acetal Rod - for pen bushings/press

Acetal Rod - for pen bushings/press£3.95

Solid aluminium turning blanks

Solid aluminium turning blanksFrom:  £2.95

Ayres Pen Kit Decorative Rings

Ayres Pen Kit Decorative RingsFrom:  £0.85

Ayres Premium Custom Twist Pen Kit

Ayres Premium Custom Twist Pen Kit£7.25

Chrome Pen Pocket Clips

Chrome Pen Pocket ClipsFrom:  £1.55

Premium Keyring Pen Kit

Premium Keyring Pen Kit£3.60

Solid Brass small knobs (4/pack)

Solid Brass small knobs (4/pack)£3.99

New Spec
Solid Brass Small Knob Set

Solid Brass Small Knob Set£3.99