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Latest Products
Round polishing mop

Round polishing mopFrom:  £1.65

Thread converter M6 to M8

Thread converter M6 to M8£0.75

8'' depth gauge

8" depth gauge£7.99   £4.99

Coffee Scoop Kit

Coffee Scoop Kit£6.95

3-Wheel Polishing Kit

3-Wheel Polishing Kit£26.95

Polishing / buffing bar

Polishing / buffing bar£3.45

Acrylic blanks 100mm

Acrylic blanks 100mm£2.50   £1.75

Blind hole machine screws (4 pack)

Blind hole machine screws (4 pack)£1.25

Stainless Steel Bottle Stopper

Stainless Steel Bottle Stopper£5.65

12'' pepper mill shaft only

12" pepper mill shaft only£1.95

60mm Premium Woodturners Box Hinge

60mm Premium Woodturners Box Hinge£6.95

MT1 to MT2 Adaptor

MT1 to MT2 Adaptor£14.50

M6 to M8 Thread Converter

M6 to M8 Thread Converter£1.50

M8 Carbon Steel Thread with Hex end

M8 Carbon Steel Thread with Hex end£1.20

Centre finder drill set HSS - 3 part

Centre finder drill set HSS - 3 part£7.99

Drill Countersink Set (4 part)

Drill Countersink Set (4 part)£15.99

New Spec
Leatherette Handle with Bronze finish Fastenings

Leatherette Handle with Bronze finish Fastenings£3.99

MT2 Compression Mandrel part

MT2 Compression Mandrel part£25.00