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Welcome to the Prokraft Shop

You will find all the product categories on the left, some items appear in more than 1 category to make them easy to locate. If you can't find what you are looking for use the search field at the top right of the page.

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We hope you enjoy your visit to our store and if nothing else maybe you will get a little inspiration for your next masterpiece.



Here at Prokraft we don't use stock images, professional photographers or woodturning specialists - the finished items you see on our site have been made in a small humble workshop here in Shropshire. We do this because we like to know about the products we sell and be sure that they are suitable. We make as many no nonsense videos to assist with assembly and also to show you a bit more of the products as you can't actually touch them as you would in a shop. It also means we encounter the same problems as some of you out there too and we do our best to find a solution where we can such as our bottle stopper system, home-made bushings and bowl sander kits to name a few. We do our best to be just that little bit different - and it is individuality that makes a great craft product.


Latest Products
Large Pizza Wheel Kit - SECONDS

Large Pizza Wheel Kit - SECONDS£2.50

Spare Brass Tube for Serea Pen Kits

Spare Brass Tube for Serea Pen Kits£0.90

Chaucer Premium Pen Kit

Chaucer Premium Pen KitFrom:  £4.10

Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper Kit

Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper Kit£12.95

Woodturning / Boxmaking Coffee Grinder Kit

Woodturning / Boxmaking Coffee Grinder Kit£12.95

HSS Drill Bit 4mm x 200mm

HSS Drill Bit 4mm x 200mm£3.80

Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Disc

Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Disc£2.20

Strap Hinge / side rail hinge 180 opening (pair)

Strap Hinge / side rail hinge 180 opening (pair)£5.25