Herb Cutter / Mezzaluna / Ulu Woodturning Kit

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The Prokraft herb cutter / mezzaluna / ulu kit is a food grade stainless steel blade supplied with stainless steel ferrules

It makes a kitchen implement suitable for cutting herbs to slicing dough - as versatile as any knife if not more so

The true test of a turner is of course getting 2 identical handles - great practise and great fun too

The kit can also be used to make an ulu - a single-handled curved blade utensil

Please be aware these kits are VERY VERY sharp

Fitting Guide

Herb Cutter / Mezzaluna guide CLICK HERE

Customer Reviews (8)
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8 Reviews:

Herb Chopper
28 April 2023  | 

Once again a high quality item, very fast delivery. Excellent company! Highly recommended 👍

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Sharp and effective
24 February 2023  | 

Nice quality sharp blade.
I made some chunky handles for this cutter. This works nicely because you can rest your thumbs on the top of the handles while rocking the blade to cut the herbs.

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Awesome little Ula
09 November 2022  | 

Now Iím bladesmith as well as turner and Iíve always forged my own blades but due to poor health and time constraints decided to buy couple these try. I was really very happy there well made strong look very good work awesome to. They are really well sharpened as well not to smiths standard but after 5 minutes on 1000grit wet stone and couple minutes on leather strop there shaving sharp so obviously good quality steel Iíve used one to fillet freshly caught Rainbow trout. There not just to chop herbs the Cree Indians use them for everything as have so much control better make with single piece handle

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Excellent for gifts
10 July 2022  | 

Easy to create knob handles and attach them using 2 part epoxy and the ferrules provided. I personalised the knobs as a gift. Sharp cutter.

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A True Favourite
18 September 2021  | 

As fast as I make them somebody else says can I have one, I couple it up with a dished cutting board which also stores the mezzaluna

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Very Sharp
22 April 2021  | 

Excellent item good quality stainless steel. Son in law loved the one I made him. Also as the video I made a single handle one. Very easy to make this one but not to every ones liking.

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A cut above!
18 October 2020  | 

Good quality, makes a great gift!

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Herb cutter
18 May 2020  | 

Top class quality I had this sold minutes after making it

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