Eliot Click Mechanism Part

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Spare click mechanism part for Eliot pen kit & Atom 2 pen kit

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3 Reviews:

Another quality product
06 September 2023  | 

Easy to use

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Spare parts
07 March 2023  | 

Fabulous support from ProKraft. Excellent replacement part.

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Pernickety pen kit
10 March 2021  | 

I had a problem with this kit with the click mechanism not working After a bit of head scratching i eventually worked out that the outer plastic sleeve of the click
Mechanism was rotating within the brass tube I ended up taking the pens to bits and taking approx 0.5mm off the tube length when I re assembled it Infitted the centre fitting and then measured the top fittingwith a micrometer for the top tube fitting for the push button and ground back the tube to the exact requirement for the outer plastic tube. this meant the click mechanism outer plastic sleeve is just captured by the 2 end fittings for the brass tube this was fiddly and I lost two tubes into the end of it However now finished they work perfectly a good pen but a little unforgiving if the click top is not exact to o.5mm Indid think
Of putting a dab of super glue between the outer plastic part of the click mechanism but after contacting Jon decided against doing that Now mastered that bit will have no problems in future When I say a dab of super glue I was thinking a fraction of a drop All the best with the kit is solid working pen

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